15mm napoleonic spanish - line 24 figures - inf (28460)
THE FIGHTING URUK-HAI The Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Set
25mm renaissance spanish - 18 swordsmen infantry - inf (21526)
Warhammer Fantasy Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon x 2

Solutions for security-conscious organizations

Enterprise Security

Delivers comprehensive prevention, detection and response capabilities, including Network, Endpoint, and Email solutions under one platform – Helix.

Games Workshop Warhammer Bretonnian Knights Shields x16 Embossed Serpent New
Games Workshop The Empire Valten Champion of Sigmar on Foot Metal Mint Fantasy
Citadel Games Workshop Warhammer Dwarfs Oldhammer
Mandiant Consulting

Mandiant Consulting

Responds to critical breaches worldwide and provides cyber security consulting services to protect against cyber threats.

Managed Defense

Managed Defense

Leverages the full power of FireEye to relentlessly protect our customers from impactful cyber-attacks with managed detection and response.

25mm ECW royalist - pike & shot 24 figures - inf (32623)
Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Empowers security teams with forward-looking, high fidelity, adversary-focused intelligence and actionable advice.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Skaven Doomwheel 74

Our unique innovation cycle

FireEye is on the front lines of cyber attacks every day. Our experts' knowledge of the threat landscape provides insights that enable us to build the best technologies in the industry. Using these technologies first-hand on the front lines further equips our product teams with a constant source of feedback. Through this feedback loop we continuously improve our products at a rate and with sophistication unmatched in the industry, creating a unique innovation cycle.

20mm colonial zulu - warriors 24 figures - inf (25320)
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Orruks Orcs Goblins Gred Goblin Night Spearmen 500
25mm classical greek - hoplites 32 figures - inf (27544)

Customer success stories

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Dogs Of War Skeikh Yadosh from Mydas the Mean set 55 Southern Mirkwood Haunt Of The Necromancer Campaign MERP Rolemaster Roleplaying
28mm Natal Native Contingent - Zulu Wars Darkest Africa - Painted & Based (R2)