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After initially announcing the update earlier in the year, Nikon Europe have unveiled a new video giving a glimpse into how its eye-detection autofocus will work.

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If you have previously been told micro four third cameras are not the best option for shooting video in low light situations. Then you just might be pleasantly surprised when you see the results of this video.

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Creating the perfect photograph used to be my ultimate aim. It was a pursuit that left me feeling like a failure. What follows is an argument to give up on perfection and the suggestion of a beneficial alternative.

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You may have seen certain ideas or advice circulate on Internet, that makes you say "but I already know this." So, why is it important to keep recycling ideas in this industry?

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Following the announcement of the winners of the World Press Photo competition last week, Spanish photography website compiled the metadata to examine what the leading photojournalists are using to capture their images. The results are quite interesting and demonstrate that the mighty DSLR is going nowhere. Here's why.

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Making the switch to Capture One from Lightroom is easier and quicker than you think. There’s this perception that given the two pieces of software are from different companies, moving your Lightroom catalogs to Capture One is some arduous and protracted process, that you’ll have to start from scratch with all your images, re-edit, re-rate, and create whole new folder structures. But that perception is not reality.

Do you dream of walking into your boring office job, upending your desk, and flipping the bird at your horrified boss as you tell him you're starting your own photography business? You might want to hold off on taking action. Here's why.

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Skylum's Luminar 3 has been rapidly advancing with new features, and today, they've released Ship of Horror (RA2) Ravenloft Adventure AD&D 2nd ed. TSR 9321. It's a free update for current users. This new update features significant enhancements and content-aware recognition to the software’s Accent AI filter, as well as other improvements to its Library.

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It's been about a year since the Games Workshop Mordheim Human Casualty Casualties Warhammer Metal Figure OOP B2 has been released, and a lot has happened in that year, particularly with a flurry of new mirrorless cameras with similar capabilities coming to the market. Is the Sony a7 III still one of the best choices for hybrid shooters in comparison to other mirrorless options? This great video explores exactly that question.

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The Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Di III RXD has been a remarkably popular lens, while the Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM remains a top performer for standard zooms, albeit at nearly triple the price. Is that increased performance worth the price difference? This helpful video review helps answer that question.

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